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D. P. in O. - Switzerland

I'm born in 1958. I'm drummer since 1965. My Tinnitus starts in 1978 to ring in my ears. All visited doctors recommended me to live with this “handicap”. All books I red gave me a lot of different answers on my question: “Why do I have Tinnitus ?” Possibilities are to much off : Amalgam - acoustic Trauma -Antibiotics - Coffee – Alcohol - Nicotine – Drugs – Stress – Mobilphone - less Sleep – less water drinking and slaps and other accidental damage to the ear – and no real description of a way out of this disaster. One doctor in Switzerland Zurich helped me very much with a LowLaserTherapie. That Treatment was very successful, less noise, less pain and better hearing. Now I have nearly daily a treatment with the EarNoiseEliminator - the real helpful LowLaser. I use it every day for perhaps 15 – 30 Minutes. Because of my personal possitive treatment of my Tinnitus do I love to recommend the EarNoiseEliminator.

Kate S. from the United Kingdom

... With regard EarNoiseEliminator I've personally had a lot of relief. . So often I go through this episode where I get extreme ear pain, with the use of EarNoiseEliminator I get immediate pain relief.

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